This site was started in late August of 1996. Its purpose is to give information about the companies and services presented on this site, and to distribute shareware and freeware programs, especially for users outside of Sweden.

It is our intention to keep this site nice and neat, without huge graphics and deep structures.

Over the years, this site has followed the development of HTML standards and methods, and in September 2010 it was converted to ASP.NET and C#.

Scandinavian Digital Systems AB

Scandinavian Digital Systems AB was started in 1991. It develops software and designs hardware for other companies, mainly embedded systems for all kinds of instruments, measuring systems, data logging, telecommunications, and other devices.

For examples of major projects done, see the page Projects. On the page References, there are also links to some clients.

AnDan Software

AnDan Software has been developing shareware and freeware programs since 1988.

Shareware programs are programs that you may get and use for a trial period free of charge. If you find a shareware program useful, you are encourage to pay for it (register it).

Freeware programs are programs that are totally free for you to use, except that you are not allowed to sell them or change them.

Since year 2000, all AnDan Software programs are Freeware.

All AnDan Software programs are today obsolete, but may still be downloaded at Obsolete.


AnDan Bulletin Board System (BBS) was started 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was started to distribute shareware from AnDan Software. AnDan BBS was Host of West Sweden in the network FidoNet for some years. In 1994 the BBS was moved to Saffle, Sweden.

AnDan BBS and FidoNet node 2:203/620 were closed down on January 20, 1998.

Anders Danielsson

The owner of Scandinavian Digital Systems, the author of AnDan Software programs, the Sysop of AnDan BBS, and the webmaster of www.digsys.se.

I have been working as a software and hardware engineer since 1984, to begin with as an employee, and since 1991 running my own business.

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