Target Operating Systems

Programs have been developed for:

  • .NET Framework
  • Windows Win32
  • Windows 3
  • OS/2
  • DOS
  • Unix (only some small project in mid '80)
  • CP/M (some time ago...)

Program Languages

Program languages used in projects:

  • C#
  • C++
  • C
  • Assembler
  • Basic
  • Pascal
  • Modula-2
  • Ada
  • Meta Language (ML)

Assembly Languages and CPUs

Assembly languages and CPUs used in projects:

  • 6800
  • 6809
  • 68000
  • 8051/8052
  • 80x86
  • 80C186
  • C166/ST10
  • PIC16
  • PIC18
  • V25
  • Z80

Major Projects Done

List of major (large or important) projects done:

1984Automatic test and measurement equipment for analog telephone central offices (AGF, 204, etc).
1986Automatic machine code answer for testing debit and quality of analog telephone lines.
1986Heat meter for fluid flow.
1990Digital tax (charge) signal system for analog telephone central offices.
1991Database system of signal quality of telephone systems at national level.
1993Analysis and presentation of measured data on PC using Windows.
1996Single-channel very small data loggers.
1996Test and validation equipment for AXE telephone central offices.
1998Automatic telephone answering device for test and validation.
1998HART hand terminal equipment.
1999Multi-channel universal small data logger.
1999Implementation of TCP/IP and TELNET, HTTP, etc, on Infineon C165 CPU.
2000TCP/IP modem for RS-232/485 protocol transfer on 10 Mb Ethernet using TCP/IP.
2000Terminal with keyboard, ¼ VGA, 100 Mb Ethernet, magnetic card reader, RS-232 and more.
2001Machine for automatic optical recognition and item counting and sorting.
2002Multi-channel universal data logger with integrated GSM for data communication and SMS.
2003Remote alarm transmitting system using 10 Mb Ethernet or special designed analog telephone modem.
2005Multi-channel universal data logger with TCP/IP and GPRS using Microchip PIC18F and Siemens MC75/TC65/TC63.
2007Four-channel tiny data logger.
2008PIC production programmer for In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP).
2009Profibus data logger with UDP/IP/Ethernet using Microchip PIC18F87J60 and TCP/IP/GPRS/GSM using Siemens MC75/TC65/TC63.
2009Distance extension system for audio lines and serial communcation lines of TETRA digital radios.
2010Moisture Content, Relative Humidity and Temperature data logger with TCP/IP/GPRS/GSM using Cinterion MC75i/TC65i/TC63i.
2010Web ASP.NET C# application for industrial valve calculations, orders and quotations.
2011Conversion of thousands of lines of old sources from ASM, C and C++ to .NET C#, in the project ADC.
2013Windows .NET C# application for valve final production testing with hardware built around National Instruments USB-6281.
2013Web ASP.NET C# application for measurement databases and sensor calculations.
2015Handheld instrument for measuring conductance, using Microchip PIC18F24K20.
2016Web ASP.NET C# application for a small society/association.
2016Windows .NET C# service for data logger collecting using modems and/or UDP/TCP/IP.
2017Web ASP.NET C# application for data logger measurement diagrams.
2017Windows .NET C# application for sensor production test and deliver.
2018Freeware serial COM Port to TCP/IP relay, AdComTcp.
2018Windows .NET C# application for valve R & D testing with hardware built around National Instruments USB-6289.
2020Logger for measuring conductance, using Microchip PIC18F45Q10 and Telit ML865C1 2G/4G mobile network module.
2022Windows .NET C# service for remote data loggers measuring conductance.
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